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The city of Sao Paulo has a great nightlife scene with plenty of entertainment options.

Bourbon Street Music Club:

Brazil is a land of samba, forro and axe loving people, where it is hard to find a club with blues and jazz on the menu. However, the Bourbon Street Music Club located in Moema offers great music for all. The play of Afro-Cuban tunes by Havana, Brasil's big band, is arranged on Sunday night. The club also offers some complimentary dance lessons.

Address: Rua dos Chanes 127 - Moema, Sao Paulo, 01240-010 Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tel.:- +55 11 5561 1643 / +55 11 5095 6100

Website:Bourbon Street Music Club


Azucar is a trendy nightlife venue which originated in Mexico City with super stylish decor and a gourmet tapas menu that attract the visitors. The strong cocktails and melodic Latin rhythms keep the crowd going till the early hours.

Address: Rua Mario Feraz 423, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tel.: +55 11 3078 3130


Blen Blen Brasil:

Get relaxed with a drink and snack on the ground floor or enjoy the variety of music on the second floor with a live stage and dance platform. On Saturday nights, DJs spin R&B, rap and soul music. On other nights, anything from big band to forro to MPB is performed by live bands.

Address: Rua Inacio Pereira da Rocha 520, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tel.: +55 11 3815 4999 / +55 11 3812 2890

Fabbrica 5:

With an assembly line of nightlife and entertainment under one long roof, Fabbrica 5 caters an economy-size package for all types of visitors. With a capacity of up to 6,000 people, it has 12 different rooms and two separate dance floors for flashback and current pop tunes respectively.

Address: Av. Alcantara Machado 770, Mooca

Drake’s bar & deck:

Drake’s bar & deck offers an appealing atmosphere for lunch, dinner and drinks. The drinks menu has a large selection of spirits, beers and draft beers. Music shows are regularly offered here for an entertaining night.

Address: Rua Tucambira 163 (BBC/CBB), Pinheiros - Sao Paulo.
Tel.: +55 11 3812 4477

Carioca Club:

The innovative design of the Carioca club is inspired and styled after an old time Rio dance hall. It has an expansive wood dance floor, multiple levels and a big, gold-curtained stage right up front. The samba, gafieira and pagoda music is offered by live bands and DJs for all ages and keeps them on the dancefloor all night long.

Address: Rua Cardeal Arcoverde 2899, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tel.: +55 11 3813 8598


This happening nightlife hotspot is located inside Hotel Unique which is famous for its bar and restaurant. Catch some stunning views of Sao Paulo city from the rooftop Skye or enjoy drinks and a meal in the innovatively designed bar and restaurant.

Address: Av Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 4700, Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tel.: +55 11 3055 4710

Website:Skye, Hotel Unique

Lov.e City:

Lov.e City is probably the trendiest night-club in Sampa. With a capacity of 500, this little small club offers euro, hip-hop, house and techno music. DJs often show their skills here. The bar menu has a wide selection of beer, liquor and wine.

Address: Rua Pequetita, 189, São Paulo, Brazil
Tel.: +55 11 3044 1613

Bar Brahma:

Bar Brahma is one of the oldest bars in the city. Offering an appealing upscale-yet-casual feel, the bar is spread out over three main spaces. A dinning room is situated in the largest area which also offers a stage for nightly samba and jazz performers. The bar is decorated with awesome wood panels and a fantastic checker board floor. Taste feijoda, paella and other similar dishes offered on the menu or chill out on the sidewalk terrace with a glass of beer.

Address: Av Sao Joao, 677, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tel.: +55 11 3333 0855


Being one of the famous Irish pubs in Brazil, Finnegan's is frequently visited by the British, Irish and Americans living in the city. The pub has an impressive range of beers. Also, taste a real Irish coffee here mixed with Jameson's whisky. Live music is occasionally played here and is an ideal venue for a relaxed night.

Address: Rua Cristiano Viana, 358, São Paulo, Brazil
Tel.: +55 11 3062 3232