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The city of Sao Paulo hosts plenty of events and festivals all round the year. The carnival is the main festival that attracts millions of tourists every year.


The carnival of Sao Paulo city is getting a lot more popular amongst locals as well as tourists every year. Though it is less reputed than Rio’s carnival, Sao Paulo still offers a colourful, joyful and crazy atmosphere during the carnival days. The main attraction of the carnival is samba school performances that make the carnival nights more cheerful. Furthermore, some unofficial parades and festival events are organized all over the city at this time of the year.

Sao Paulo Art Biennial: (Visit)

This cultural event is hosted every two years by the Museu de Arte Moderna. It offers an international exhibition of art that attracts attendants from all over the world. The invited artists and the visitors come together at a spacious Oscar Niemeyer Pavilion to emphasize the theme of the overall exhibition.

Electronic Language International Festival: (Visit)

The Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) organizes exhibitions, debates, lectures, and courses to disseminate and to develop arts, technologies, and scientific research. This non-profit cultural organization promotes a yearly meeting in the city of Sao Paulo which is open to the public. The festival includes the events of web and net art, artificial life, computer animation, real-time teleconferences, virtual reality, panoramas, interactive movies, e-video, electronic art installations, and robotics.

Achiropita Festival (Festa da Achiropita):

Festa da Achiropita is a traditional Italian festival. It is organized by the local church "Paroquia de Nossa Senhora da Achiropita". During this festival, people taste a variety of food dishes selling Italian food, sweets and snacks along two streets in a traditional Italian neighbourhood, Bixiga.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week:

The city of Sao Paulo hosts one of the most important fashion weeks in the world. Established in 1996 under the name of Morumbi Fashion Brazil, it is well-known as the biggest and most important fashion event in Latin America. Brazil's top models and some upcoming talents can be watched here.

March for Jesus:

This event is held on Corpus Christi Thursday of every year in Zona Leste. It is actually an Evangelical parade organized by the "Rebirth Church". The popularity of the festival has grown significantly in the first decade of the 21st century. According to the official estimates, the event was celebrated by about 1 million people in 2007. The festival features parades, live concerts and much more accompanied by cheerful people.

Sao Paulo International Film Festival: (Visit)

Sao Paulo's International Film Festival (internationally known as Mostra) is an annual event held in the city that has achieved international status as a premier event. The festival features a lot of movies, short films, lectures, and workshops with today's top filmmakers. A retrospective of one or two film-makers' works is usually arranged by the organizers.

Address: Various venues, Sao Paulo, Brazil

F1 Brazilian Grand Prix:

The city of Sao Paulo hosts a final race of the Formula One season at the famous Interlagos Circuit. F1 racing is the king of motor sports competitions that offers some exciting races every year. This colourful and most thrilling event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Address: Autodromo de Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

International Convention of RPG:

Every year, the biggest RPG (Role Playing Game) event in the country is organized by the "Devir Livraria" i.e. Bookshop Devir. The events are usually arranged in parks or big convention spaces. People can visit lots of stands hosting international and Brazilian RPG editors, fan clubs and Comics. Also, it offers the stage for seminars about RPG, fantasy and science-fiction related theme games.